In the summer of 1992, I found myself in a dump truck packed with rafts, paddles and life vests, after descending the Filobobos River in Veracruz, Mexico. By my side was Alfonso de la Parra, who had just returned from reaching the summit of Everest, becoming the third Mexican to accomplish this amazing goal. There, in that journey along a sinuous dirt road that would take us to the town of Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, and after a long conversation, the idea of creating the first and most prestigious company in Mexico for adventure travel and experiences, was born. We would name this company Rio y Montaña (River & Mountain).
In our minds, we would never settle for less, we wanted Big Time! No business plan, no financial projections, only the dream of discovering and traveling the most remote and beautiful places in Mexico and sharing them with people who shared our passion, and had the openness to join us.
We made several expeditions around the world, taking with us clients whose lives were transformed as much as ours. And this is how our dream came true and eventually evolved to what now is Hoteles Rodavento (Rodavento Hotels) that took us from being explorers, cooks, waiters, adventure guides and trainers, to being entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals whose philosophy not only didn´t change but became our differentiator.
Sadly, my dear friend and partner Alfonso de la Parra passed away in an alpinism accident in the north of India, but the concept and philosophy we created together is today more alive than ever.
I always say that we ended up being hoteliers but we started all the way around. We have always been specialists in developing innovating activities for our clients, but we needed rooms, so we decided to design and build those rooms with the vision of making them an experience on their own. This is the reason why in our hotels, the most important value is the EXPERIENCE. We do not sell room nights; we offer experiences as we did 25 years ago camping under the stars or near the river. The only difference is the degree of comfort, sophistication and quality that we added to our unique value proposition.
Welcome to the world of Hoteles Rodavento.

Waldemar Franco

President and Founder